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At this moment I am

… tired.¬† It’s a P.A. Day and because of this stupid cold and congestion, I am up before 6:30 a.m. again ūüė¶

… grateful for all of the ways that Mr. KB has made improvements to our house that help things (and me)¬†work and organize better.

… sad.¬† This has been a difficult week¬†and things just have not been going the way I want or need them to.

… determined to fix the things in my life that are not working and make them better.

… smiling at the sight of my youngest two offspring sitting at the island and having their morning bananas.

…¬†pleased with the outcome of Parent-Teacher night for my older two smalls.¬† There are some¬†things to work on, but nothing insurmountable.

…¬†nervous for Pax and Deacon who are each testing for a¬† new Tae Kwon Do belt tonight.

… happy that since we installed¬†our new pellet stove that we’ve been able to keep the house warm without using propane.

…¬†looking forward to having today with the smalls and trying to come up with a game plan so everyone has a good day.

…¬†grateful to have another day to fix my mistakes, change my ways and make headway in my dreams of personal transformation (not physical – that’s too lofty a goal for me today).

… digging deep to find some inner-calm to help carry me through the hard moments and help me not take my frustrations, anger and disappointments out on others (honestly stated, I suppose this would mean my kids, since we do not have a family dog).

… hopeful that I will be able to transfer my iPod music to this laptop and get iTunes syncing, up and running without losing all of my music.

… excited to play and help our kids learn how to play¬†our new (to us) piano that we adopted earlier this week.

… sore from this random hip/thigh joint¬†pain (that is NOT connected to getting old, thankyouverymuch!) and thinking that maybe it is time to consider losing some weight to see if that helps.¬† Only just thinking of considering at this point, people.

… almost in tears and cannot for love or money figure out what my¬†damage is.¬† So stupid.

So, that’s how I am at this exact moment in time.¬† How are you?

Manners, people. It is all about manners. And smiling. Manners and smiling. Together, they make a lot of the wrongs in our world, right.

The missing penis through time

Ever since the addition of our (proud mother moment: beautiful, clever, and strong) daughter into this, our house of testosterone (save then for me, of course), I have been a party to the following disturbing and strangely amusing conversations with Paxton, the youngest of my testosterone carriers.

When he was two-years-old:

Him:”Bay-bee bum?” accompanied by a very concerned and quizzical look on his sweet elf-like face.

Me: “Yes, honey.¬† That’s her bum.” While I finish putting a fresh diaper on her.

When he was three-years-old:

Him: “Mummy, where ‘Randa’s peanuts?”

Me: (Hoping I don’t screw this up – my kids are going to have big enough therapy bills as it is) “Um, well honey, she doesn’t have one.¬† Miranda is a girl and girl’s don’t have penises”
Him: (looking curious and little suspicious) “Did¬†her lose it?”

Me: (Now worrying about causing some kind of lost penis phobia) “No baby.¬† She’s a girl.¬† Girls have vaginas and boys have penises.”

Him: “But I want ‘Randa to have a PEA-NUS!”

Me: (knowing that we’re entering all kinds of uncomfortable now, and kind-of-sort-of-absolutely wishing for the Zombie Apocalypse to start NOW.¬† Take me first y’all.) “I know¬†honey, but, but¬†she’s a girl.¬† You know, same as Mama.”

Him: (visibly shaken and upset now) “YOU don’t have a penis?!?”

Me: (wishing that I had remembered the ‘distract them with a cookie or a puppy’¬†trick before this point) “No, baby.¬† Mama doesn’t have a penis either.”

Him: Mummy lose she penis?


And so we go full circle and in the mind of a three-year-old boy, it appears that the following hold true:

1.  Penises are lose-able
2. If you don’t have a penis, you must have lost it.
3. Everyone has a penis (duh!)

And now four-years-old, we revisit the topic:

Him: “Mummy.¬† Why doesn’t ‘Randa have a penis?” (Proud Mother moment: see, his speech and language are SO much better now!)

Me: (internal sigh, knowing this will go nowhere good, but without an escape plan, I’m fucked so I solider on) ” Because she’s a girl, honey.¬† Girls have vaginas.”

Him: Without missing a beat: “Someone stole her penis!”

Me: “No baby, she never had one.¬† She has a vagina.”

Him: Very matter of fact and almost resigned: “Someone took it.”


So, at this point in the game, we’ve gone from quizzical and concerned, to angry and distraught to the quiet certainty of knowledge that¬†one possesses when he is much older and wiser than I.¬† And he’s only FOUR.

The way I see it: Either he’s going to develop a phobia about having his penis stolen or he’s going to give his sister a complex for having lost hers.¬† Either way, this is NOT looking good for our hero (Um, ya, that’s me).

Come on, you didn’t really expect me to post a picture of a penis or vagina, did you? Nope, not happening (unless, of course, I can find my Human Sexuality textbook from university and find the female-to-male post-op picture. That I would totally post.) So I offer you instead a glimpse of Lucy Liu: Ninja Cat, Extraordinaire. Here’s a shot of her obsessively cleaning her paws.¬† She’s starting to pack on the pounds now, fatter now than when she was pregnant with the triplets just six months ago now. But, she’s just like me in that regard, so I love her now.

P.S.¬† The host of this blog,¬†Wordpress, provides a¬†spell-checker in its post editor¬†and said Spell-Check¬†doesn’t like the word¬†“vaginas.”¬† Not sure if it is the word or the spelling or the actual part.¬† I’m not sure of¬†the bias being held here.¬† It could be a bit of all three.¬† Isn’t the plural of “vagina”, “vaginas”?¬† Vagini¬†just doesn’t sound right at all.¬† Funny though, the aforementioned Spell-Check let penises right on through.¬† It reeks of the dark ages in here.¬† Sexist spell-checker bastard. I think I may have just stumbled upon my Women’s Studies undergrad paper topic.¬† Now to re-enroll in my program.¬† Baby steps, people, baby steps.

Math class made relevant

First, let me say that drugs are stupid.¬† Second, let me advocate for Hugs Not Drugs.¬† and, let me date myself by spewing forth the 80’s battle cry (no, no, not ‘Cowabunga!’)¬†“Just Say NO!” and finally, fourth, let me attempt to¬†defend myself and my obvious flaws (mental and physical)¬†by saying that I have never actually been a recreational drug user, despite so, so, so much evidence to the contrary.¬† Case in point:

I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. I’m just a mis-shapen-and-mis-sized-bread¬†making goddess. Your move, Juney C.

Yup, just another day in the ‘wick.¬† Keswick Blogger-style (similar to Gangnam style but with a bit less imaginary-horse ass smacking).

Fight the power!

My surprising contribution to the blog-a-sphere

People, I am making an impact.¬† Don’t believe me?

Well, WordPress stats lets you see what search terms people use to find your blog.  It is probably meant to help you target your audience, but I use it solely for my own edification, amusement and sometimes genuine delight.

Since it’s been almost a year since I started really making the effort to post regularly, some people have¬†found The Keswick Blog using the following search terms:

“how to fuck a person up”

“show me yours blog pictures xxx”


“granny asshole”

Now, I could be mortified.¬† I could be ashamed.¬† But I’m just going to be furiously happy, shameless proud, and that sum up my elation in as few (relevant) words as possible:

Listen here pickupfuckers, you all really know how to fuck a person up.  Show me your xxx blog pictures and stop being such a granny asshole.

I can’t wait to see the next years’ worth of search terms and which ones will bring a tear to this proud blogger’s eye.¬† Bring it!